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01 About Us

About Dialogue Key

Our vision is to help bring the magic to life for our members, whatever their story.

Our mission is to create an exclusive social media community for entertainment professionals to connect, enhance their earning and learning opportunities and to travel and share experiences in luxury with like-minded people from around the world.
02 Our Values


Authenticity is central to our belief system. We believe that personal and professional growth, meaningful human relations and mutually rewarding opportunities can only be realised when underpinned by authenticity. In everything we do, and from everyone who engages with Dialogue Key we believe authenticity is the foundation of our collective success.


We maintain that lasting success in life comes from creating and developing honest dialogue with others who share our passions and goals. By encouraging and enabling dialogue, we can enrich our lives and improve our world.


We strive to help everyone in our community achieve and maintain wellbeing in their lives; professionally, personally and interpersonally..


We identify professional, commercial and personal opportunities that our members are interested in; and we build solutions to enable them to capitalise on these opportunities effectively.


The key to credibility and trust is integrity, and without it no relationship or endeavour can flourish. We are committed to the promotion and practice of integrity across our business, and between the members of our community.

03 Executive Management

Who is Dialogue Key?

We are private membership club and a global community of entertainment and show business professionals, luxury brands and prominent executives from the world of international business. Our regional headquarters are based in Los Angeles, London and Kiev.

Alex De Khtyar
CEO / Co-Founder (Los Angeles)
Andrew Osichnuk
COO, Co-Founder (Los Angeles)
Alexey Malikov
VP Business Development, Co-Founder (Kiev)
Leo Jeremias
Chief Technology Officer (Los Angeles)
Jack Maple
CMO (Cannes)
John Tamborelli
Corporate Counsel (Los Angeles)
Adam Hill
CCO (London)
Jim Davidson
Chief Financial Officer (Los Angeles)
Peter Kristensen
Vice President for Investor Relations (Florida)
Irina Dedyuk
Vice President Music Development (Los Angeles)
Alexey Hozyaynov
Head of Design Development (Kiev)
Vasily Gavrilovich
VP Software Development
Anthony G. Minnelli
Chief Security Officer (Las Vegas)

Dialogue is the key that opens the door to people who expand and enrich our lives, to opportunities that change us, and experiences that define our appreciation of life

Alex De Khtyar
Chief Executive Officer (USA)