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What is Apriori +?

Apriori + is about helping you promote your own projects to the community. For example, you might have a fashion shoot project, a film or a show you are involved in. With Plus membership you can showcase your projects to a global audience.

Projects can help you find talent, get support, raise capital or find contacts who can help you realise your ideas and share your vision.

What’s Included?

You can create up to 3 projects at a time for just $9.95 a month* or $99 for a year’s* subscription. *You can cancel your subscription at any time.

You can include a detailed description of your project, and upload a video, PowerPoint file, a sound file or a Word document to give your audience more information on what your project is about, and what makes it so exciting.
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Want More Reasons to Become an Apriori + Member?

Increase your earning potential, get more work, learn and build your skills, meet like-minded people from around the world, travel….the list goes on!

The Privileges of Membership

As an Apriori Plus Member, you can look forward to some great privileges:

Job Offers

Get qualified offers to work or cooperate as an talent or professional directly from our corporate and private members.

Career Advancement

Connect with brands looking to hire great talent. Grow your network and start receiving offers of more permanent employment within your field of expertise from employers looking for someone just like you.

International & Local Events

Get invited to exclusive entertainment experiences all over the world and develop your true potential.

Travel Opportunities

Experience unique and luxurious travel opportunities with other members who share your personal or professional interests.

Business Introductions

Our members can benefit with exclusive opportunity from qualified business connections provided by Dialogue Key support team and network introductions. This is a global private club privilege. If your profile fits, you might be introduced to someone very special.

Professional Networking

With a detailed and engaging profile you can start growing a professional network of entertainment experts, high-end brands and successful business people.

Who Can Apply?

Any talented entertainment professional is eligible to join as an Apriori member. This includes singers, models, actors, DJs, photographers, editors, directors, choreographer, producers, promoters, agents on stage and back stage professionals – everyone is welcome.

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